Recommend [Suspense Reasoning] Live Script Kill [Unlimited]

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Recommend [Suspense Reasoning] Live Script Kill [Unlimited]Recommend [Suspense Reasoning] Live Script Kill [Unlimited]

"Today is March 9, and it snowed again last night, so the four of you will stay in the camp for the time being and decide what to do next depending on the weather." Script Difficulty: Two stars. This script without any friendly tips, I wish you all a happy game! After carefully reading the contents of the first two pages of the card, Gu Liang exhaled, rubbed his hands, and then wrapped his down jacket tightly. He was very afraid of the cold. After drawing the script, he was directly sent to the tent on the snowy mountain by the man in black in a sedan chair. For a moment, he felt that his brain and body were frozen stiff together, and even his thinking was dull. Gu Liang heard the ghost story at the beginning of the script. When I was in college, boys would sometimes lie in bed and tell ghost stories after the lights were turned off in the dormitory. It was at that time that Gu Liang heard his roommate tell a similar story. But the special thing about this script is that there is nothing left except a ghost story as an introduction and a brief explanation of the background. Fortunately, the last script also talked about a time reset setting, this time back, the story is realistic or mysterious, such as whether there are ghosts, the script did not mention at all. Speaking of ghosts.. Gu Liang wrapped his clothes a little tighter. Based on some childhood shadows, he is actually a little afraid of ghosts. If Yang Ye knew,interactive panels for education, he would have to make fun of him again. It's a good thing he's not here. Gu Liang put away the plot card and turned to take out another reward card. There are three words written on the top: "Help Card". This is the side quest reward that Gu Liang got from the last script. Gu Liang held the reward card in his left hand, slid the fingertip of his right hand, and the screen suddenly lit up. There are two lines of words at the top: " [Help Card] Usage. Click the avatar of the player you want to ask for help, and then press the" Confirm "button. Each script can only be bound to one person for help. After the first selection and confirmation, it cannot be replaced. The card can be used three times. The way to ask for help is to call.". The call button can be turned on after you select the person for help for the first time. The line of sight glides, below the text is each player's head portrait, is Gu Liang plays the first three scripts to meet. Yang Ye is in the third position in the first row. Gu Liang's eyes stayed on his head for a moment and put the reward card away. Really cold enough to choke,4k smart board, Gu Liang did not hold back a sneeze, next to someone handed over a tissue. Gu Liang thanked him, took the paper towel and wiped it. He looked up and saw that the person sitting next to him was a girl, about twenty-five or twenty-six years old. When the girl saw Gu Liangwang coming over, she took the initiative to open her mouth and said, "Hello, in this script, I am [Dr. Xu], who is responsible for the health of everyone in the expedition team.". Next to them are [Professor Wang] and [Li Science]. So, you are [Liu Inspection]? Gu Liang nodded and looked at her diagonally. Professor Wang was a man, about fifty or sixty years old. His face looked very young, but his hair was completely white. He looked very easy to get along with. Next to him, smart board interactive whiteboard ,electronic board for classroom, Li Kexue was a young man of the same age as Xu, with high cheekbones, a serious expression, and a rather cold look. After looking at the two players, Gu Liang looked back at Dr. Xu beside him. Listen to her to say again only: "We 3 know, before a few scripts are together.". We just talked about going outside the tent together. Would you like to join us? At this point, probably because he felt that Gu Liang was too indifferent, Dr. Xu added: "You see, there are only four players in this script. If there is a detective and a dead person among the four, then the real murderer is one of the remaining two players. With a one in two probability, the confusion may be right.". But the difficulty of the script is two stars, which is strange. In short, I think at the beginning, we do not have to guard against each other, first work together to explore, more advantageous. It's all right. I just feel too cold. Come on, let's go outside and have a look. As soon as Gu Liang replied, the radio rang: "Welcome to the script The Fifth Man.". Considering that players are taken directly to the snow camp, the system provides a period of rest for players to adjust and adapt to the cold climate here. Now the break is over and the plot has officially begun. On October 10, 2X19, four members of the expedition went to a cave at 10:00 a.m. Now is 9:30 in the morning, there are 30 minutes, the system has a special question session, players can ask questions, each person has only one chance. After 30 minutes, please follow the map to the cave. Dr. Xu stood up first. She wore a ponytail and looked young and capable. As the sound of the system broadcast came from all directions, Dr. Xu did not know where to ask, so he changed several directions. In this way, when she opens her mouth to speak, every time she turns a direction, the ponytail will swing slightly with the movement of her head, and the whole person looks beautiful and moving. Dr. Xu asked, "Are we really the only four players this time?"? Apart from the dead and the detective, there are only two ordinary players left. After a three-second pause, the system replies, "Out of range.". Next "So how long will this script last?" Asked Li Kexue, who looked unsmiling? It's about how long we're going to stay on the snow mountain. It's too cold. System: "Out of range for system to answer.". Next One side, 50-year-old Professor Wang could not help sneering: "What question can you answer?" System: "Out of range for system to answer.". Next Is that a ***ing problem? Dr. Xu: "… …" Li Kexue: "…" Professor Wang: "…" Finally, all three of them moved their eyes to Gu Liang. Everyone had only one chance to ask questions, and their chances had run out,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, so they had to pin their hopes on Gu Liang to see if he could ask anything. Under the eager gaze of everyone, Gu Liang calmly opened his mouth and asked lightly: "Can you ask for more energy bars?"? I don't think there's enough to eat here, and you don't want to starve the players. What kind of ***ing question is that? Dr. Xu: "… …" Li Kexue: "…" Professor Wang: "…" 。