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"There is no priority in learning, and those who reach it are teachers.". Is not the holy hand, Secretariat of adult try to know! Du Bai answered calmly. How interesting! That makes sense! The provincial governor nodded, then turned to the beautiful woman beside him and said, "Madam, go to the West Maple Courtyard to rest first." "Then.." My concubine retired. Cishi lady looked at the Secretariat with concern, and then turned and walked out of the yard. Moments later, only Du Bai and the Secretariat were left in the courtyard. Thank you! The provincial governor smiled at Du Bai and stretched out his wrist. I will do my best. Walking to the bed, Du Bai reached out to take the pulse of the Secretariat and felt the pulse of the Secretariat. Do you have a clue? After feeling the pulse, the Secretariat looked at Du Bai with a smile. Cishi this disease, I have already understood. Du Bai took a look at the Secretariat and shook his head with a smile. "You're not sick, Secretariat!" "Uh.." Well, there's Dr. Lao! The Secretariat shook his head helplessly. How can you be sick? You are a God! Du Bai smiled and waved his hand, "Hello, God!" "What?" Hearing this, the Secretariat turned pale with fright, his hands closed, and the red clouds billowed all over the sky. Red lotuses flashed and the room was lit up with divine light. The red lotus blossoms turned into hot flames and swept towards Du Bai. It's no use! Du Bai smiled, stretched out his hand and pointed,Slate Wall Panel, and a little cold and white air lingered on his fingertips. Don't you like the cold and be afraid of the heat? I'll give you something cold! As soon as I pointed out, the cold air whistled out, like a cold winter, and the whole room was covered with ice and snow. In fact. This cold is much colder than the cold winter. This is Du Bai's natural magical power of "Nine Quiet Chills". Under the nine secluded spots, the cold air in the icy hell is not comparable to the cold winter. Clack! As soon as the cold swept away, together with the Secretariat, the whole building was frozen into an ice sculpture. Thief! Frozen into an ice sculpture of the provincial governor,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, a red light emerged from the top door, a red lotus was born, and a sacred and brilliant God sat on the lotus. Finally came out? Just waiting for you to come out! Du Bai gave a sneer and pointed like a sword. A pure white light rushed out from his fingertips, like a sharp sword, and cut down the "Chixia Shenjun" mercilessly. Xuanyin Ghost Chopping! The God of incense itself is a God from a ghost. Xuanyin slashes ghosts, slashes ghosts with one sword. Ah With a shrill scream, the "Chixia Shenjun" who had just come out of his shell was immediately cut off by the sword and turned into a mass of red clouds. Idealism and selfishness, freedom and eternity. The pure white light rolled up, and the red clouds were collected by the white light in an instant. Who are you? Why do you want to hurt me? The divine body was shattered, but the spirit of Chixia Shenjun had not yet dispersed, and he was still shouting angrily. It doesn't matter who I am. Du Bai smiled, "tell you a truth, let you die more." A little more pain. In fact, Porcelain Marble Slabs ,Agate Slabs For Sale, you're not sick at all. Shinto is the method of ghost cultivation. You cultivate the Shinto of incense with your body. The stronger the Shinto is, the heavier the Yin Qi is, and the body will naturally rot. "In fact, you can completely shed the mortal body, not directly reshape the divine body." "Huh?" Chixia Shenjun froze, "originally." I'm not sick at all? "Yes, if you abandon the mortal body and rebuild the divine body, it will be very difficult for me to defeat you.". After all As long as one thought is not extinguished, you can be reborn by incense! "Goodbye, God!" The white light swept up and annihilated the red clouds in an instant, leaving only the mournful howl of the Red Clouds God. I hate it! The lingering sound curled up, and the God of sending his son was officially destroyed. Chapter 1013 I am Du Bai. My body.. Have you been taken away? Du Bai frowned slightly. "At that time, when I was possessed by the devil and my soul was about to die, I was saved by the Great Free Demon Lord.". The Demon Lord has rebuilt my body. My original body is still there. After a little thought, Du Bai understood the reason. It must be that some practitioners had suffered a disaster and their bodies had been destroyed, and they just found the body left by Du Bai, so they took the opportunity to borrow the body to be reborn. "Hehe!"! Anyway, it's my body! Du Bai's face floated a sneer, at the foot of a little, the body instantly fell into the yard, fell in front of the original "Du Bai". This "Du Bai" is naturally Shi Xuan! "You.." Shi Xuan just beheaded a ghost, suddenly saw a figure fall in front of him, immediately frightened, hurriedly grabbed a charm, ready. Is it human? Not a ghost? Just about to stimulate the amulet, Shi Xuan found that the man's breath was extremely pure, without any impurities, completely different from these evil ghosts, and hurriedly stopped. This Taoist friend, are you also here to subdue demons and eliminate demons? Shi Xuan asked Du Bai. Although there was no immediate attack, Shi Xuan did not relax his vigilance. Subduing demons? Du Bai stared at Shi Xuan and smiled. "It's reasonable to subdue demons. It's not necessary to get rid of demons." There are demons, ghosts and demons here. But this demon is himself. Daoyou is really a profound Taoist. Shi Xuan exclaimed, "poor way also feel here seems to be some evil spirit, but also can not be sure.". Listen to what the Taoist friend said, this place must be evil at work. Said, Shi Xuan to Du Baiji head, "poor way Shi Xuan, dare to ask you your name?" "石轩 ? Isn't it Du Bai? Du Bai raised his eyes and stared at Shi Xuan with a sneer at the corners of his mouth. Eh? Shi Xuan's heart tightened. Does this man know Du Bai? Yes, there are few practitioners in Zhongzhou. It's normal for this man to know Du Bai. However, why did I not find the existence of this person in Du Bai's remaining memory? Remembering that Du Bai was possessed by the devil and his soul was annihilated, it was reasonable to say that his memory was incomplete. I was possessed by the devil some time ago, and my soul was badly hurt. Wake up, feeling the impermanence of life and death,pietra gray marble, determined to cut off the past, in the name of Shi Xuan, re-life. 。