Mortal Cultivation of Immortals and Immortal Realm Chapter

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Mortal Cultivation of Immortals and Immortal Realm ChapterMortal Cultivation of Immortals and Immortal Realm Chapter

"It's impossible!"! Just two yuan Ying monks, how can they be Lu Ya's opponents! Qi Xuan's face was in disbelief. Hey hey, what kind of strength does it take to kill a monk in the early stage of deification and make him unable to escape from yuan Ying? Don't you have a few words in your heart, Elder Qi? I only hope that Elder Qi will not bring a strong enemy to this door because of his own personal grievances. In any case, please ask Elder Qi to go to the Law Enforcement Hall with Mo first. Mo Chen after a sneer, the voice of a cold. A few days later, Han Li and others in the boat finally flew away from the Huanglan ancient desert. Along the way, apart from being attacked by several waves of evil flying ants, which were lightly solved by Han Li by the hand of magic light, there was no more pursuit of the ghost clan. And with the precedent of killing the deified monks before, the ancient rhyme month is not strange for Han Li to be able to repel the evil flying ants. Days of running around and turbulence, so that Yu Menghan and Liu Leer are a little tired, two people snuggled up to each other, leaning on the side of Lingzhou, fell asleep in the past. Han Li sat cross-legged at the tail of the boat, frowning gently and looking a little strange. In front of him, there were seven or eight blue jade vases and white porcelain vases, all of which were empty. How about Han Daoyou? The voice of the magic light sounded in Han Li's mind. Although most of these elixirs came from the monks in the period of deification, and some of them were of higher rank,Inflatable mechanical bull, none of them were useful. Han Li sighed lightly. In the previous World War I, although he relied on the strength of his strong body and the strength of the Five Mountains to crush and kill the other side, he did not spend much magic power, but the magic power in his body has not increased, so it is not a long-term plan to go on like this. What about the best spirit stone? "It's the same. It's completely unabsorbable." With a wry smile, Han Li loosened his palm, revealing a spirit stone that had become dull. It seems that only some special elixirs can be effective. Said the magic light. Maybe. Before that,Inflatable 5k obstacle, only the Wangxi Dan and Qi Minghao's unknown golden elixir had worked. Anyhow, wait until cold flame Zong, want to look at a rhinoceros Dan to study again, perhaps can know. Han Li touched the small bottle in his chest and said indifferently. Half a month later, a strange spirit boat shaped like a crescent moon came slowly over the green mountains. There are a man and three women standing on the Lingzhou. They are Han Li, Gu Yunyue and so on. Han Daoyou, Meng Han, Le'er, this Lingyan Mountain is the gate of our Lengyan Sect. With a smile on her face, the ancient rhyme moon scanned the mountain forest below and said. The spiritual vein is firm and the spirit is dense. It is indeed a rare blessed place. Han Li's eyes were shining and he nodded. Yu Menghan was happy at first, but he looked around a few times, but his face was a little more confused and looked at the ancient rhyme moon. The little fox girl held the edge of the boat with both hands and leaned out to look around, but she could only see the lush mountains and ancient trees, Inflatable meltdown ,Inflatable indoor park, and could not see any Zongmen building, so she couldn't help asking: "Brother, I also feel that this place is very spiritual, but there is no clan ah?" "All the big sects are covered by a big protective array. We are now outside the array, just like standing outside a high wall. Naturally, we can't see the scenery inside the wall." Han Li laughed. When Liu Leer and Yu Menghan heard this, they nodded their heads. "Han Daoyou, wait a moment. Let me pass it on." Gu Yunyue said to Han Li. With that, she turned over her wrist, and in the palm of her hand there was a golden token engraved with a flame pattern, the size of a palm. With a flash of light on the token, the flame pattern suddenly swayed, as if it were really burning. A ray of light shot out of the token and into the mountains below. Moments later, I saw a sudden ripple in the void below the Lingzhou, and a layer of arc-shaped pale golden light curtain emerged. Looking up, I saw that the Lingyan Mountains, which stretched for hundreds of miles, were almost entirely shrouded in this light curtain. It is indeed one of the largest in the world, and the momentum is really not bad. Han Li's eyes swept and he seemed to say with admiration. Liu Leer and Yu Menghan were holding the edge of the boat at the moment, their faces full of incredible expressions, and their four beautiful eyes turned around and kept scanning down. Under the pale golden light curtain, palaces and pavilions were hidden everywhere in the vast mountains and forests. Some of them are isolated on the cliff of high mountains, some are connected together to form a community garden, some are built in canyons and ravines, and some are located on the hillside, forming a unique courtyard. In the middle of the whole mountain range, there are more than ten peaks far higher than the other peaks around them, on which the white fog rises around the purple air, and there are rainbow jumps between the peaks, which looks quite like the momentum of the immortal's blessed land. It's so beautiful. Yu Menghan couldn't help exclaiming. Liu Leer also nodded repeatedly and thought deeply. Han Daoyou, Elder Luo is already waiting for us at Chuyun Peak. Let's go there now. Back at Zongmen, Gu Yunyue was obviously in a good mood and said with a clear smile on her face. Han Li nodded his head. When the spirit boat passed through the light curtain, he felt a sense of divine exploration, which should be the elder Luo. After several people formally entered the Leng Yan Zong, Liu Leer looked up curiously and found that the light curtain had disappeared, leaving only the blue sky and white clouds in his eyes. Lingzhou flew towards the middle of the mountain range and finally fell towards one of the green peaks towering into the clouds. At the foot of the peak, there is a broad white stone square, on which stands a big man, looking in the direction of Lingzhou. The man had a rough face, wore a yellow ochre robe, tied a black belt around his waist, and his chest muscles were clearly stretched. Judging from the breath emanating from his body, he was a monk in the period of deification. Chapter 30 Ju Tian "I've seen Uncle Luo." After Gu Yunyue put the boat away,inflatable floating water park, she stepped forward and saluted the rough man respectfully. Martial Nephew Gu has worked hard all the way. This must be Han Daoyou? The big fellow nodded, his eyes fell on Han Li, and asked.