Huaxia Wuhun of Online Games

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Huaxia Wuhun of Online GamesHuaxia Wuhun of Online GamesHuaxia Wuhun of Online Games

"Thank you, Big Brother." Feier nodded gratefully. Tiger star looked at Feier, although not a beauty, but long very comely, clean. "No," said the Tiger Star with a smile. "It's a simple task." He looked at him again and said, "Didn't you get in touch with each other after that?"? Why are you alone? Smiling awkwardly, he said, "I was still in touch at the beginning, but after that, the contact became less and less, and finally it was like this." Tiger Star sighed: "This is also, after all, in the novice village only a few days, now the game has been open for almost three years, the outside world must be much larger than the novice village,inflatable amusement park, contact with more people." "Eldest brother," he said, "if I don't mix with you in the future, your skill will have improved a lot from just now." "Talking about whether to mix or not." Tiger Star laughed and gave a one-track punch. One-track mind begins to giggle again: "Yes, call tiger elder brother from now on, ha ha." One-track turned around and laughed at Xiao Liu and Fei'er beside him and said,Inflatable water obstacle course, "I'm going to hang out with Brother Tiger in the future. What are you going to do?"? Would you like to come together? When Xiao Liu and Fei Er heard this, they took one look at each other, nodded their heads and called out again to Tiger Star: "Big Brother." "Brother, the three of us have been practicing together for more than two years. We are all good friends. Xiaoliu and Feier are also husband and wife in reality. Brother Hu, you can accept them." Tiger Star laughed and said, "If I accept you, I won't be afraid of two more of them." Tiger Star recalled the battle just now and knew that Feier and Xiaoliu were also temperamental people who paid more attention to feelings. This kind of person is worth associating with. How many levels are you? Tiger Star asked the single-minded around him, Tiger Star knew that if players like them did not know internal skills, the level would become the winning weight. The Tiger Star was embarrassed and said, "I'm only eighty-one. The two of them are eighty-one and eighty-two respectively." Xiaoliu said with a wry smile: "This game is really not easy to mix. The equipment can't be played. The refresh points of BOSS are all occupied by large and small gangs. I feel that this game is getting closer and closer to reality. The gap between the rich and the poor once again forms a great disparity. Hey, I wanted to mix up in this game, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable water slide, but now I'm in a mess. Every time I even calculate the money for a bottle of potion." "Husband, don't do this. You can't be depressed. At least we still have a breath. I don't believe we can't do this." Feier looked at her husband and said persuasively. Perhaps Tiger Star was also infected by Feier's momentum. He patted Xiaoliu on the shoulder and said, "In fact, this game is really like what Feier said. As long as you have ambition and a little luck, you will still be in good shape. Now you are missing a chance at most." "Xiao Liu, as your wife said, people can't live without ambition." Said with a single nerve. Do you know how many levels I have? Tiger Star laughed. One hundred "Over a hundred?" They guessed. Tiger Star smiled mysteriously and said, "You are all higher than me. I found someone to bring you up yesterday." "What won't!" Several guys all have round mouths. Brother, are you kidding us? The skill just now is not like more than eighty levels? Feier asked curiously. The tiger star opens own attribute, they several only then believe, one by one is underestimating this what. Tiger Star laughs: "Go, take you to upgrade, I tell you why along the way." At the same time, Tiger Star told several younger brothers and sisters about the influence of internal strength and the future direction. Several of them were quite entranced. At the same time, they also knew why Tiger Star could knock down the enemy so easily. Tiger Star from their eyes to see more is yearning, Tiger Star thought Xianzheng in the future they also have nothing to do, with them brush to help pay tribute or good. In front of Tiger Brother is the place of fame of level 70. Are you still walking forward? He asked curiously. Tiger Star continued to walk forward: "I just told you that after practicing internal skills, the level of monsters will become less important in the eyes of players who practice internal skills." "Oh, like we usually do not have equipment, although it has reached level 80, but still cut around level 70 of the strange it!"! Depressed Said a single-minded man waving a broadsword of about sixty levels in his hand. "Oh, maybe not in the future." Tiger Star laughed mysteriously. By this time has reached the place of seventy horse thieves, Tiger Star summoned the undead knight, the sudden monster startled three people, three people jumped back at the same time. This is the undead knight I summoned. Don't be afraid. Tiger Star looked at their frightened expressions and explained with a smile. That's not right! Brother, didn't you say you wanted to learn from Xuanmen? How did you become a disciple of Xue Lingshan who knows summoning? Or is it a pet? Asked the single-minded God. "This is a skill on my equipment," explained Tiger Star. Tiger Star then ordered the undead to clear the way ahead, the undead quickly advanced to the front, Tiger Star and several people after the formation, went inside. The three of them did not speak. They were all convinced by the intrepidity of the undead knight. The three of them said in their hearts, "This is too abnormal!"! It's too bad to kill every move. "Big brother, this is too overbearing." Xiao Liu looked at the corpse in front of him and said. How can you upgrade if you are not overbearing? Huxing turned his head and said with a smile that it was a big truth. Xiaoliu smiled sheepishly. The number of players in front gradually increased, and Tiger Star ordered the undead knight to slow down and walk in slowly. Although I don't want to let the players know, it finally attracts the attention of the players. One by one whispered, "What kind of people are they? They don't look very powerful!"! Why are the pets summoned so NB? "? "It seems that I really have a whole pet, and it must be very refreshing to have a pet upgrade." A player looked at the undead knight with greedy liquid and said. Don't dream. Now there are only a few pets in the system. Many gang leaders don't even have a pet now. In my opinion,Inflatable outdoor park, it's more practical to think about how to get together a suit of equipment. A teammate next to him laughed. Hey! Yes, people are more popular than people. With a long roar, he took his anger out on the horse thief.