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FNF MODS Surprise for you ta-da i've got an invitation from my father's friend from what i heard he's pretty cool we haven't spoken in a year and. It seems like he wants to invite me for something important right i knew you would love this idea he loves music too i

Friday Night Funkin' VS Tabi Rew1ork FULL WEEK + Cutscenes (FNF Mods/Update) (Tabi Ex-Boyfriend) ah hey there boyfriend hey boyfriend i wanted to tell you that i'm inviting you with me to a restaurant i've got a surprise for. You well my father's friend invited me for some reason ta-da i've got an invitation, from my father's friend from what i heard he's pretty cool yet hey boyfriend i've got a.

That my uncle's not here yet so i'm gonna go to the bathroom real quick wait here okay my prince. Charming was to escort me to the bathroom himself that is so romantic oh i love you dear okay let's go abby is that you there you are. so it was you you pretended to be my father's friend and lured us to my favorite restaurant i, was wondering how he, would know my favorite restaurant you are foolish as always and who is this your new boyfriend or, should i say new victim impressive work boyfriend i've been watching you for a long time i've seen the power of your love for her you fought that bomb guy then that bat crazy zombie but.

Unfortunately this is all going to end pretty soon leave us alone boyfriend me and your, girl need to have a little chat huh you aren't leaving just let, me end this all leave you two realize she is just using you right me, did baby foreign b are you stupid how can you not realize that this plat, is just using you yes using you for her own career success like she used me once i used.

To be human like youbia but she and her father fooled me and took everything my trust my feelings my love and my heart i've lost. Everything no look who i am because of her stop getting. In my way you little freak let me end this all now all right that's it i didn't want to do this but boyfriend, fnf test you didn't listen i have no choice but to kill the both of you three two one baby me me easy oh me foreign ah , boyfriend you survived the explosion i bet. She noticed that i occupied all the tables that were near the explosion, i did not want to hurt innocent people unlike this little black i want her dead stop smiling and get out before this place burns. Down she isn't going with you she will stay here and die with me no i don't wanna ah why won't you get it she is.