6 Top Localization Management Platform Picks [2022]

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Choose from the best localization management platforms to achieve the best localization project results. Six best translation and localization platforms in 2022.

Localization is a powerful way to make your brand take on the whole world. You can achieve great results by putting less effort and money into localizing your brand for foreign markets. However, developing a strong localization strategy and effectively executing the localization plan is important to get the localization work in your favor. Companies prefer using professional localization and cloud-based translation management systems for effectively managing their localization tasks.

If you want to localize your brand, you better get your hands on a professional localization management platform. There are plenty of localization and translation service provider platforms available online. Let’s have a closer look at some most reliable localization platforms that you can use for your brand localization project.

Best Localization Management Platforms in 2022

Companies are automating their translation processes by getting their hands on advanced TMS tools. These systems come with amazing features powered by AI technology that allows you to achieve maximum work efficiency throughout translation project management. When choosing the ideal cloud-based translation management, you should not rely only on their online marketing. Understanding the technological functionalities and features of different localization platforms is also important to land the right solution. So, if you are looking for a localization system for your brand localization project, you better choose from the best options available. Here are the best localization platforms in 2022 that would be worth every penny you spend on them.


It is a handy and easy-to-use localization management platform that would allow you to translate your content into multiple languages. Using this tool, you can translate different types of content, including mobile apps, games, websites, software, etc. PoEditor also uses REST API to support integrations with various third-party software, such as GitLab, Azure DevOps, GitHub, and BitBucket. Moreover, it would make the localization super agile and hassle-free. This software provides your access to translation memory, so you can better keep track of all previously done translations. PoEditor provides advanced features, as well as allows human translation to collaborate with each to make the most of technology and human intelligence.

Key Functions

  • Automate your localization processes and reduce workloads through REST API.
  • Easily collaborate with internal and external project teams through in-app comments and screenshots.
  • You would always have access to the previous version of the translated file in the translation memory.
  • It also offers Slack and Microsoft Team integrations to enable real-time communication with teams.  


It is a popular localization management tool working with some big clients, such as Shopify, Depositphotos, and Vodafone. This platform also has in-app editing features that allow you to edit your content and improve the quality of translation. It makes it much easier for translators to perform all of their translation operations without switching between different apps.

The system can recognize both textual data and information on photos and screenshots. So, by using Localise, you would have more control over your localization processes with its advanced task manager. Moreover, it also allows the localization teams to interact with each other in real-time.

Key Functions

  • Product development and localization go hand in hand through Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma plugins.
  • Built-in translation memories, machine translations, and QA feature to improve the quality and speed of translations.
  • Save the time of developers through API, CLI, and SDKs mobile, as well as GitHub, Jira, Azure Repos, and GitLab integrations


A go-to professional localization management platform for LSPs, translators, and global brands that would make your translation processes faster and more effective. It is the fastest-growing translation management system with customized workflows to give you more control over your tasks and enhance productivity. MarsHub is a preferred localization management platform by language service providers and translators. It does not just allow you to easily manage your localization tasks and provides you access to a huge translation vendor marketplace. Moreover, you can assign your translation tasks to any third-party language service provider platform, freelancer, or translation vendor through this platform.

Key Functions

  • It provides a state-of-the-art in-app editor to help you improve the quality of translation, and save a lot of time.
  • You will become a part of the growing linguists’ marketplace, so outsourcing your localization tasks will be easier and faster.
  • It uses a centralized translation memory, which is accessible to all internal and external project teams to maintain consistency.



It is a full-service top localization management platform, offering professional localization services since 2009. Smartling has an intuitive interface that makes it very easy for translators, developers, and project managers to navigate through it. Moreover, you will get advanced data analytics tools that would allow you to track the progress of your project. It enhances project visibility and allows the project managers to better control the outcomes of the localization tasks. Smartling uses a more data-driven approach to generate translations that allow them to maintain relevancy and quality of translation more cost-effectively. Canva, Pinterest, and Shopify are some of their major clients.

Key Functions

  • It contains QA tools and visual context that improve your translation quality and give your real-time visibility of the overall translation process.
  • Localize all across your social media and other platforms.
  • Make informed decisions about your localization project through real-time project progress reports and stats updates.
  • In-stops translation management tools that allow translators to translate, review, edit, and submit translations from one single platform.


It is a reliable and professional platform that provides amazing localization management features to translators, developers, designers, and project managers. You can easily import important and expert files on this platform through API and CLI. It allows the project managers to organize their tasks as jobs, and all the relevant team members will get notified. To help translators understand a task better, screenshots are also available. Moreover, Phrase supports 40 different file formats, so you can easily change your translated documents to different designs and styles as per your need.

Key Functions

  • Save your time and easily import and export files through API.
  • In-built translation editors allow translators directly make changes to the translated files without switching apps.
  • Enable quick designing through Sketch and Figma plugins.
  • Create translation tasks and assign them to external teams directly from the Phrase in real-time.


It is a professional cloud-based translation management platform that provides a visual environment to easily localize your product, websites, and other digital platforms. The machine translation and translation memory tools in this platform enable quick translations. It is a digital workplace that allows your internal and external teams to collaborate on the localization project in real time. It makes your localization projects automated and super agile, which helps you save more time and effort. With this platform, you can get regular statistical reports regarding your project progress. Moreover, it also makes all the potential mistakes and issues in your project more visible, so you can make timely improvements before they lead to something worse.

Key Functions

  • It has built-in professional linguistic tools that provide quick and quality translations.
  • You can integrate the Transifex platform with your tech stack.
  • Get regular insights on your project’s progress, and make more knowledgeable decisions backed by statistical analysis.
  • Get your content translated in the development phase of the project to save up more time.


With plenty of localization management platforms available in the markets, a lot has changed in the translation industry. Businesses are shifting their translation processes from traditional localization management to automation. It also allows them to achieve maximum results in the quickest turnaround time. So, you should choose the right localization platform to fulfill your localization needs. We have mentioned some of the best market localization tools for global businesses and language service provider platforms. These platforms would fulfill your maximum localization needs at reasonable prices.