10 Must-Have Educational Toys for Kids Available in Our Online Store

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Educational toys play a pivotal role in nurturing children's curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills while making learning a fun and engaging experience.

In today's dynamic world, where technology evolves rapidly and the learning landscape constantly transforms, providing children with the right educational tools is crucial for their cognitive development. Educational toys play a pivotal role in nurturing children's curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills while making learning a fun and engaging experience.


At Gordon toy store, we understand the importance of offering a diverse range of educational toys that not only entertain but also enrich young minds. Our carefully curated selection includes toys that foster various aspects of learning, from STEM subjects to language development and beyond. Here are ten must-haves Educational Toys for Kids available in our online store:


STEM Building Blocks Set

Encourage budding engineers and architects with this versatile set of building blocks. With interlocking pieces and gears, children can explore principles of engineering and spatial reasoning while constructing their creations.


Interactive Globe

Expand children's horizons with an interactive globe that brings geography to life. With features like quizzes, facts, and augmented reality, this globe makes learning about countries, continents, and cultures an immersive experience.


Coding Robot

Introduce kids to the world of coding and robotics with a programmable robot. Through hands-on programming challenges, children develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills while having fun navigating their robot through mazes and obstacles.


Science Experiment Kit

Spark scientific curiosity with a hands-on science experiment kit. From chemistry to physics, these kits provide all the materials and instructions for exciting experiments that teach fundamental scientific concepts.


Art and Craft Supplies

Foster creativity and fine motor skills with a variety of art and craft supplies. From paints and brushes to clay and beads, these materials empower children to express themselves artistically while developing dexterity and imagination.

Puzzle Games

Challenge young minds with puzzle games that promote critical thinking and perseverance. Whether it's a classic jigsaw puzzle or a brain-teasing logic game, puzzles help children develop problem-solving strategies and spatial awareness.


Musical Instruments

Cultivate a love for music and rhythm with a selection of musical instruments. From keyboards and drums to xylophones and tambourines, these instruments encourage auditory discrimination and coordination while providing endless entertainment.


Language Learning Tools

Support language development with toys that facilitate vocabulary building and language comprehension. Interactive books, flashcards, and language games help children explore new words and phrases in a fun and engaging way.


Math Manipulatives

Make math more tangible with math manipulatives that help children visualize mathematical concepts. From counting bears and geometric shapes to fraction blocks and measuring tools, these manipulatives reinforce numeracy skills through hands-on exploration.


Outdoor Exploration Kit

Inspire a sense of wonder and discovery with an outdoor exploration kit. Equipped with binoculars, magnifying glasses, and field guides, children can observe nature up close and learn about the environment while developing a deeper appreciation for the world around them.



At Gordon toy store, we are committed to providing high-quality educational toys that stimulate learning and foster holistic development in children. Explore our shop doll collection and discover a world of educational possibilities for kids of all ages. With our carefully curated selection, learning has never been more engaging or fun! Shop now and give the gift of education today.