Greek Island-Hopping Guide!?

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The Greek islands are comparable to a revitalizing swim in the warm rays of the sun, as they are scattered over the sea like the petals of a flower being blown by the wind.

The Greek islands are comparable to a revitalizing swim in the warm rays of the sun, as they are scattered over the sea like the petals of a flower being blown by the wind. Each and every one of them has its own personality, but they all have one thing in common: they are all prepared to welcome guests from all over the world so that they may share their history, flavors, hospitality, sentiments, and experiences with them. In is your guide to play tic tac toe the island-hopping adventures you just must have in Greece this Summer of 2019.

Explore Santorini beyond the evening sunset.

There is no other island in the world where the fury of nature has resulted in such beauty, beauty that has been honored on countless postcards and magazine covers, in picture collections, and in postings that go viral on social media. The one-of-a-kind volcanic caldera of Santorini, which is frosted with sugar-cubed houses and imposing mansions that are perched high above the Aegean Sea, the views to the volcanoes that are just a stone's throw away, and the volcanic treasures that balance out the destruction make falling in love with Santorini inevitable.

This island offers something for everyone: history aficionados rush to find the prehistoric city of Akrotiri buried beneath tons of lava and the ancient remains of Thera. The island also has a lot to offer nature lovers. Those who have a passion for hiking often choose to embark on the road that goes from Fira to Ia on Santorini since it offers a spectacular view of the island's volcanic landscape. Sailors, both novice and expert, set sail on a yacht or catamaran trip in order to take in the breathtaking scenery, which is certain to leave them awestruck. Gourmets seek out local wineries for wine tastings that are paired with regional delicacies and vineyard visits to round out their experiences. Santorini's goods take on distinctive qualities as a result of the island's volcanic soil, and as a direct consequence, the island's wines are in a class of their own. People who are interested in tradition may walk around the Kasteli of Emporio or at Pyrgos, but if you come to Megalochori, you will learn what it means to experience complete and absolute tranquility. As for the sunset, also known as the "best sunset in the world," the best places to view it are in Ia, Fira, Imerovigli, at the Lighthouse of Akrotiri for a more intimate experience, and at the Monastery of Prophet Elias for breathtaking panoramic views. All of these locations can be found on the island of Santorini.

Do not miss out on the brand-new Lost Atlantis Experience, which takes visitors on an exciting journey to the catastrophic volcanic explosion that resulted in the formation of Santorini via the use of holograms, interactive representations, and a 9D theater.

A helpful hint: Because the accommodations meet such excellent standards, you can be certain that you will be pleased with your choice, whether it be a hotel with a view of the caldera or a villa in a traditional town.

Mykonos Reinvented

Mykonos has the ability to keep you active for many days; if you are up to the task, this island will never stop testing your limits with more, more, and even more. Hedonistic shopping excursions, a pulsating party scene that doesn't recognize any borders, and cutting-edge cuisine that sets the standard for the rest of the Mediterranean can all be found in this city. This island never stops reinventing itself; year after year, season after season, Mykonos – almost intuitively – finds a way to update its summer life and redefine the criteria of what constitutes a good time!