Ranking of all World Bosses in Stone Falls in Elder Scrolls Online

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Dressed in shoes of new hero Vestige, players try to solve Nirn’s endless mundane and magical problems.

Vast world of Nirn is immortalized in Elder Scrolls Online fantasy giant MMORPG. Dressed in shoes of new hero Vestige, players try to solve Nirn’s endless mundane and magical problems. From rejecting Noctenaar’s conspiracy in Summerfall Chapter to prevent eruption of Waddenfell, Vestige really has their job to do.

But there are other enemies throughout Nirn, and their enemies are much higher than all others of their kind: World Bosses. Each region has its own collection of World Bosses, from frigid western sky to boiling deserts of Arik. Nothing is more challenging than dangerous inhabitants of gorgeous area of ​​Stonefalls.

1 Uras Ancestor 

All in all, Most difficult of Stonefalls’ World Bosses is the ghostly Ulath Ancestor found deep in Cave of Memories. Warriors Ulath-Puas and Ulath-Timmu flank and guard this boss, and both are intimidating melee fighters. This wraith-type World Boss is certainly formidable, largely wielding its ice attacks.

From basic Ice Bolts to an AoE Frost Attack, Ancestor’s extensive health bar also presents an issue. But most annoying bit is two warriors that serve as support; their bash attacks are definitely irritating, yet there is definitely nothing that Vestige can’t handle.

2 Orig Mire

Aurig Mireh may look like a typical sword and shield type fighter, but there’s more to her than it seems. With a boss bar with a lot of health, Aurig suddenly summons assistants from realm of devil. As golden saint of Sergrass realm, it is no wonder that he can open portal to Trembling Islands. This boss can be found in Shrine of Trembling.

Aurig pulls both Scamps and Clannfears from her master’s realm, which is often seen in battle. It’s best to let teammates handle little chips while keeping an eye out for Aurig’s area of ​​effect “Dark Claws” and “Fiery Breath” attacks. She also uses a Whip that can set players on Fire, as well as a basic Sword Swing that requires attention.

3 Mother Blueclaw

Blueclaw Matron looks like something out of Alien V. Predator, found in Matron’s Clutch, a giant dreug. Players will be faced with a horde of low-level druids who may be overwhelmed, but will support them well with their team. Once they’re all dead, Mother Blueclaw will appear. Of course, her attacks do twice as much damage as her baby. She waved and slashed with her claw-like hands. Like Ozzacha, Blueclaw uses melee or AoE type shock attacks. Blueclaw can wrap her claws with electricity, then release them for a wide range of attacks. Remember where they stepped as they are close to sea and may fall into water if they go too far.

4 Ozacha

Another bioluminescent jellyfish-like enemy found in Nyen is known as Reticulate, this World Boss is queen of all Reticles. Known as Ozzacha, he and his two children were found in Brahma’s Grove. Fortunately, his two little female cats are just his backup, but they are easy to be dispatched, so it is recommended to kill them first. Surprisingly, Ozzacha’s long tentacles are heavier than Strife swarm Champion’s, which explains his place on this list. Players should also pay attention to his shock attacks, as well as his jabs and jabs. As with every World Boss they fight in Elder Scrolls Online, it is highly recommended to bring a healer and fight with their team.

5 Clash of Champions

Unlike previous World Bosses, Strifeswarm Champion has several smaller cronies to support him. Players known as Kwama Warrior can find this World Boss at Strifeswarm Hive, who has built a cozy lair in Great Mushroom Forest. Wearing tough armor and three towering heads, this world boss is definitely a savage blow with a claw-like hand. If players want to know helpful clearance props, please visit professional game service provider IGGM, it will be helpful for players to pass level.

With group of Strifeswarm Scribs and Strifeswarm Brutes backing it, Strifeswarm Champion presents an obvious challenge. Unless a player has reached level 100 champion status, single-playing this Boss is a death sentence. From its swipe, this Boss also Slams and throws Rocks at them, which is simply devastating. So, take it down for Elder Scrolls Online Gold.

6 Shell Cookies

 Shellcracker, a giant pale crab that inhabits bays of Shipwreck Strand, is arguably easiest World Boss to defeat in Stonefalls. While it may seem like an ordinary bay at first glance, mini blue crabs do random crab things every day, but once a player starts attacking them, everything changes. A crab ten times bigger than others suddenly appeared and slammed them with its enormous claws.

Article ends here. This is ranking of all the World Bosses in game. Arranged in order from high to low, players have a certain understanding of this, this article has profound meaning for players, and they can learn from it that is helpful to them.