In the departure lounge

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Discussions that took place in the departure lounge about deep and meaningful concepts

In the departure lounge we found ourselves idly chatting to fellow work colleagues who’d flown in from other parts of the state to catch the connecting flight and over the airport’s speaker system came the announcement.Maggie’s off the cuff prediction had come true and as I thought back to the session she had actually said my grandma had passed that information on.Needless to say, this escalated my expectations and my mind was having fantasies of me sitting down for a reading, and him saying, ‘I’ve got a Clare here who says to say hello and that it’s everything you think it is’.I had to catch myself and constantly pull in the reins on my overzealous imagination.As I was to find out, the reading with Anthony wasn’t going to be like the one with Maggie.This time a can of worms would be opened and more questions raised than answered.It was like someone else was guiding the journey.The day arrived and I sat in the small reception area at his offices.Yes he was famous enough to have his own office, and I watched a couple at the end of their session with him come down the stairs wiping tears from their eyes and mumbling excitedly to each other.This is a good omen I thought.I noticed the box of tissues next to me and was hoping not to use them.As I tried to keep a lid on my expectations, the session began.Anthony said he was getting a grandfather figure, who could have been on my dad’s side and that he was mentioning something about my dad having health issues, somewhere in the lower stomach area.I said I didn’t know.My expectations slowly deflated with each piece of information Anthony offered, which I either didn’t understand, didn’t know or was just wrong.Information was coming through that I just couldn’t verify, so I couldn’t give Anthony any feedback.Why couldn’t my dead relatives just give me the information I wanted and be done with it?I shouldn’t have to go through this ordeal.It was starting to get embarrassing.I must be Anthony’s worst client to date I thought.But just when I thought all hope was lost, things started to change when he picked up that my paternal grandmother had died of breast cancer.Then he suddenly shifted to the other side of my family and picked up my mum’s father, my grandpa, and said he felt different and asked for the history of my mum’s side.Okay, we’re getting somewhere here I thought.I said, ‘Russian Jewish is part of the history.’He acknowledged there was a different feel to that side of the family, but questioned my description of Russian Jewish saying that your grandma is saying something different.Who the hell was Anthony to question my family history?‘Okay, there’s Polish English Jews, mixed with Russian Jews who met in Palestine and then migrated to Australia,’ I added.‘Your grandmother is nodding, so that better explains it,’ he said.‘I also feel that I should congratulate you.Your grandmother is saying congratulations for something,’ Anthony continued.I’ve also had a promotion at work, so it could be that I guess.’‘You’re one of three aren’t you?I’m getting three kids.’‘Yes, I’m one of three.I’ve got an older brother and my other brother passed when he was a baby.’ ‘Was your mum pregnant four times?I’m feeling a much younger one, more like a miscarriage.’I was instantly taken aback by his statement after such a good run and quickly replied with, ‘No, she wasn’t.’Anthony certainly was getting some information correct, but that time he missed the mark and I was sure