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Who is it?" “……” Murong Yao suddenly stood up, his body suddenly released endless domineering, two eyes a twist, chest steaming anger can not be suppressed like eruption, eye pupil battle flashed full of a trace of blood, anger to the extreme.

Thanks to'small 3 ruthless flooding 'reward again, thanks to'and you have no chance'reward support, thanks to'247884577, is not online, think of you love, game life, my favorite Luyi baby'monthly ticket support, Lao Niu extremely grateful! —— "Ding" "Congratulations to the player'Qin Tian 'for killing'Murong Hong' to gain 1200000000 experience, Qigong value is 1090000, survival value is 89000.." "Congratulations to the player'Qin Tian 'for winning the'Immortal Supreme Holy Core'.." "Congratulations to the player'Qin Tian 'for getting'White Tiger Blood'.." "Congratulations to the player Qin Tian for winning the White Tiger Wing.." …… A series of prompts from the system were heard all the time. Qin Tian felt very happy and excited. Murong Hong, the immortal supreme peak realm, the ancestor of the White Tiger Clan, all the things he burst out were rubbish. They were all good things that were hard to find in the whole holy world. Just a punch through Murong Hong's chest, the power of Pangu blood from his fists constantly spread out, straight to the sea yuan Shen. There was a loud boom. A fist cracked Murong Hong's primordial spirit, the body died, the form was destroyed, and the spirit was also destroyed. My God. "The power of Pangu's blood is simply against the sky." Recalling just a punch, Qin Tian could not help but cry out excitedly, that kind of power he had never experienced before,dap diammonium phosphate, he had never thought that the power of blood could be so strong, and now he finally knew why Shengzong did not accept disciples without gifted blood. The gap is really not a little bit, it's too big. Hiss, Put away your right fist. Qin Tian's face turned pale, and all the bones on his arm were broken. The blood of Pangu is very powerful. But Murong Hong's white tiger blood and the vigorous immortal power of the strength of the shield of defense is very thick. A punch, almost instantly shook his finger joints into powder, and at that time the power of Pangu's blood increased dramatically,caustic calcined magnesite, hitting the Yellow Dragon. Only then did Murong Hong die with one punch, and Qin Tian gasped. With a lingering fear, he immediately performed'regeneration 'and his right arm recovered instantly. Looking at the body of Murong Hong beside him, he smiled faintly. "No way," he said. You are the ancestor of the White Tiger Clan. You are out of luck. Immediately. Qin Tian picked up Murong Hong's body, dragged it to the mouth of the cave, and threw it heavily over the White Tiger Palace. At the same time, Qin Tian's speed increased to the limit. Fell back to the White Tiger Palace faster than the corpse, and now he can't expose himself. Just now the forbidden place of the White Tiger Clan made such a loud noise. White tiger clan strong must have found, this time must not be exposed, although Qin Tian is not afraid of anything, but behind the white tiger clan there are other three gods and beasts family. Even if there is a gap between them, but it is still an alliance, not to mention the white tiger clan is an ancestor? If so, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Sulphate price, why does Murong Yao compete for the position of the Lord of the world? The White Tiger Protoss is by no means so simple. Murong Yao must have a powerful last move. A dark shadow came in an instant. Qin Tian quietly fell on the periphery of the hall, at this time the hall was noisy, not to mention the childe Murong Feng smiling, the cold breath on his body was more intense, holding the hand of Meng Qi Yan'er was toasting with some uncles and uncles, and then a quarter of an hour was the time to worship. Then it was sent to the bridal chamber. Whoosh.. "Bang." A harsh voice pierced the night sky, and in the courtyard outside the hall, a body fell heavily and smashed into a big pit. Everyone looked around, and the first reaction was Murong Chong, the housekeeper. Who "Who dares to throw a corpse at the White Tiger Palace?" Murong Chong was so exasperated that he swept his eyes and shouted angrily. He immediately stepped forward and kicked the corpse away. Murong Hong's face was facing the sky, his face was dead, his eyes were staring at him, and there was no breath all over his body. Old "Old, old ancestor,," "Oh, my God!" Suddenly. Murong Chong gave a sharp cry like a woman, his body kept trembling, his legs were weak and he kept retreating. He couldn't believe everything in front of him. He stumbled and fell to the ground, his hands kept holding back, and his face was very pale. "Old, old, old ancestor is dead." "Boom!" Murong Chong's words were like a heavy bomb exploding in the White Tiger Palace. The surroundings quickly quieted down. Murong Yao frowned and stepped out. He landed heavily beside the corpse. Looking around, his body suddenly shook, his legs swung, and suddenly he fell to the ground. His pupils dilated, his hands trembled rapidly, and his lips trembled and said: "How could it be? How could it be?"? Ancestor, how is that possible, who? Who is it? Less than half a second. Several figures flew out of the palace and saw Murong Yao sitting on the ground with a face full of vicissitudes of life. His eyes seemed to be dead. All the disciples of the White Tiger Clan were stunned and did not react at all. Will our ancestors die? How is that possible? Fifty million years of practice, as early as tens of millions of years has broken through the realm of immortal supreme, now the cultivation to reach the peak of immortal supreme, look at the whole holy world of the existence of fierce, who can kill him? And it was a one-punch kill. Who can do it except the Lord? "The ancestors are dead." "The ancestors are dead." …… Crying, a lively happy event suddenly turned into a howling funeral, the change was too fast, so fast that Murong Feng was stunned in situ and did not know what to do. All the uncles and uncles in the hall went to the yard and knelt down heavily, but he was the only one who still took Meng Qi Yan'er's little hand. His face was blue and white. How did this happen? "Who is it?" “……” Murong Yao suddenly stood up, his body suddenly released endless domineering, two eyes a twist, chest steaming anger can not be suppressed like eruption, eye pupil battle flashed full of a trace of blood, anger to the extreme. Ancestor is the spiritual realm of the white tiger clan, and now he is dead, like a big tree collapsed,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, for a while and a half will not be able to accept at all. How did this happen? "Master Murong, who here will be the opponent of the elder Murong?" "Yes.". The immortal supreme peak strong person, even if gives me ten thousand courage not to dare to move him. ……。