The girl is not good

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When Sheng Shi Tong Huan saw this sentence, it was too late to stop it. [Current] Murong Feiyue 00: Rebel Gang?

"What's wrong with killing me?"? That's what happens if you don't fight and don't know each other! "Besides, why do you still remember those enmities when you are all helped?"! Mother said, there are no eternal enemies in the world! "Mother said?" Zhu Zhu didn't remember who his "mother" was. [Current] Breezy: Send your equipment and baby to have a look [Current] Autumn Moon Cold Box: [Soul Addiction] [Nine Turn Crystal] [Colorful Linglong Jade] [Current] Autumn Moon Cold Box: [Xuanhuo] [Tianmo Chasing Soul Shoes] [Ice and Snow Demon] [Current] Autumn Moon Cold Box: [Golden Beast] [Phoenix] [Mudstone Monster] [Current] Breezy: What points are added? [Current] Autumn Moon Cold Box: Sensitive method, 1100 + sensitive, after the plate can put a five draw [Current] Good girl: You don't need to change your weapon. I have a hat and a necklace here. You can change your clothes into those that are resistant to ice and do not desensitize by hitting stones. You can give her the shoes that are sensitive to level 11 first. "Hey!"! You're crazy! Don't you want to keep that necklace and hat for your own use? Zhu Zhu jumped into a rage. "She won't take it back. Let's see who you're looking for!" "No." "What makes you so sure?" "I'm not sure, but it's just a few pieces of equipment. If you can see a person clearly, even if you lose it, it's just like that. Besides, it's not necessarily that people don't return it!" "You might as well give it to me!" Here you go. Can you play?! Don't hold on to these pennies all day long! Su Su, who hated that iron could not become steel,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, succeeded in blocking Zhu Zhu's mouth. The time they discussed was the time of the second gang battle on Saturday. The current gang ranking of Qiuyue Frost Server is: Taoyuan Flourishing Age, Biye Lotus Pond, I Am, Sailing Against the Current.. Taoyuan's second gang battle is the fourth boat against the current. Although Taoyuan Shengshi is in the first place,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, the strength of the three gangs behind is not weak. The two gangs won or lost until the end of the gang battle. The breeze led the team to wait in the palace for about twenty minutes, and then Sheng Shi Tonghuan came with people. [Current] Jiuyoushenjun: I didn't expect them to form a team. [Current] Nine-Tailed Demon Fox: So what?! Don't you want to die if you want to form a wild team to have sex with us? [Current] Sheng Shi Tong Huan: Have you formed a group? Go and write a challenge. This side is not wordy, the breeze first went up to write a challenge, the object is naturally the prosperity of the world. Sheng Shi Tong Huan didn't pick up. [Current] Sheng Shi Tong Huan: Don't say I bully people. Since your man is Erzhuan, we also send a Erzhuan man here. [Current] Shengshi Tongle: Brother Huan, where can we help a man who turns 140 +? Otherwise, they are all three-turn, and there is only a two-turn 85 trumpet. [Current] Nine-Tailed Demon Fox: I said the breeze was cold, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,304 stainless steel wire, and you were depressed enough! Brother Wei is not here. You can't even find someone to help you. Bring someone to die. [Current] Nine-Tailed Demon: 9494, if Brother Huan plays by himself, if you lose, you will definitely say that we bully the small with the big, but we don't have a second transfer number to make up the number. [Current] Good Tuan Tuan: Just pick you up! We are not afraid to lose. What are you talking about? [Gang] Good girl: Don't write first! Qiuyue, don't write first! [Gang] Good: What's wrong? [Gang] Good girl: My master is coming. [Current] Sheng Shi Tong Le: Wei Ge # 24 [Current] Flourishing Age: # 24 [Current] Jiutian Xiaoyao: Boss Wei is coming # 24 …… [Current] Sheng Shi Tong Huan: # 24 Xiaowu What do you mean # 24 [Current] Shengshi Tongle: # 35 Xiaowu, what do you do? [Current] Murong Feiyue 00: Don't you dislike their second-turn men? I'm on top [Current] Sheng Shi Tong Huan: # 3 Brother Wei, why do you also write books? [Current] Majestic: Nannan, let's show them. So more than N people click the mouse to the good girl. Name: Good girl ID:4522107 Reincarnation: 2 turns Level: 116 Title: Majestic Disciple Gender: Male Race: Demon Weapon Spectrum: Beginner's Practice "Girl!"! Your appellation is too loud! Majestic disciple! [Current] Flourishing Age Together: Brother Wei! What happened today has escalated to a gang, and I don't think you're fit to represent them, are you?! [Current] Majestic: I don't represent the gang, I represent my apprentice [Current] Sheng Shi Tong Huan: We have made an appointment that this war is a gang war! [Current] Majestic: So? [Current] Sheng Shi Tong Huan: Even if Brother Wei wants to fight on behalf of his apprentice, how does Xiao Wu count? [Current] Murong Feiyue 00: I think that little man fits my temper. Can't I play for him? [Current] Shengshi Tongle: You are also from Taoyuan. If you don't help yourself, you will help outsiders! Do you want to defect?! [Current] Flourishing Age: Xiaole!! When Sheng Shi Tong Huan saw this sentence, it was too late to stop it. [Current] Murong Feiyue 00: Rebel Gang? Ok [Current] Happy Together in the Flourishing Age: Xiaowu, Xiaole is not intentional # 75 Late, Murong Feiyue hung the title of Taoyuan Shengshi member has gone. [Current] Majestic: Can you kill now? [Current] Good girl: 00 There is no gang, so the resistance can't come up, right? [Current] Murong Feiyue 00: Do you mind waiting for me for two minutes to add a help? [Current] Good Girl: We Help No Ice Sleeping Guardian # 75 [Current] Murong Feiyue 00: No need, just have something to mix [Current] Happiness in the Flourishing Age: Murong Feiwu # 4, don't be too arrogant # 4 Murong Feiyue took him as air and flew the flag directly to find the gang director to help. [Current] Majestic: All right, team up and let the ladies get their beauty sleep after the kill. [Current] Sheng Shi Tong Huan: Brother Wei, you used to say that gangs were forbidden to fight among themselves. Today, it's like this. How can I manage gangs in the future? [Current] Good Guoguo: You are so wordy! Prestige eldest brother said is to vent his anger to the apprentice, you must use the gang to clip others,mirror stainless steel sheet, do not have the courage to kill you say, I promise not to laugh at you! Sheng Shi and Huan did not speak, and all the people around him were silent.