The Dark Side of the Moon in Kunlun Legend

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Ziluo looked at him in surprise and suddenly remembered the words of Yunlou: Five hundred years ago, Cangwu and the goddess of the shadow of the moon had met.

The fourth chapter frost mirror does not cherish the body like smoke Just when the thunder and fire had already hit the top of the head, a very bright golden light rose from the other side of the weak water, and in an instant, it swept across and turned into a curtain of light, which enveloped the top of the sand girl's head and blocked the sky! Yin Lei was blocked, more than rage, immediately doubled, to the golden light blast! Nine days of thunder is one of the five ancient yuan Li, fierce and incomparable, even the true immortal may not be able to resist, this golden light was a thunder, suddenly dim down. See golden light suddenly a rise, into a ball of fire, unexpectedly gave up the thunder, Peng fell on the back of the moon. With a miserable cry, the moon spits out the blood together with the inner alchemy. The golden light immediately followed and swept the inner alchemy away in the air. But the overcast thunder did not have the golden light to block, the volley explodes, all hits in the moon mirage top of head! Without the protection of the inner alchemy, the body of the moon is as soft as a baby. How can it withstand such a huge force? Suddenly, the skin of the whole body was cracked, blood dripping down, and the white sand was soaked red in an instant. Fortunately, after all, she had hundreds of years of cultivation, fighting for the original God's serious injury, and completely sprayed out a mouthful of True Qi to protect her body, only to barely avoid the difficulty of being crushed to pieces. However, the thunder in the sky is faint, and the second thunder has already taken shape. Now that she has lost all her magic weapons and is badly injured, how can she resist the thunder behind her? Her eyes were full of despair, and she stared at the golden light that had seized the opportunity to take away the inner alchemy. The golden light protected the inner alchemy and slowly fell to the ground. The dazzling light dispersed and a figure appeared. The man was dressed in shabby blue clothes, as if he had not been repaired for many years, and his knee-length red hair looked a little messy, flying in the air. His face looked very young,304 Stainless Steel Bar, but in his golden eyes, it seemed that he had experienced endless years. Behind him, a pair of golden wings opened slowly, but his face, which was originally down and out, was extremely dignified and cold. The golden inner alchemy was held in his hand. Ziluo rushed forward and said angrily, "Who are you?"? Why did you take away the inner alchemy? Without looking at her, the man sneered, "Cang Wu, the second son of King Jinwu." Ziluo exclaimed, "So it's you!"! Thieves, liars, robbers! What are you doing here? "Just like you," said Cang Wu with a sneer, "for the goddess of the shadow of the moon." Instead of answering, he stepped forward and stood beside Yueyi, looking down at her bloody face. He said with a sneer, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, "Yueyi, I've been looking for you for thirty years, but I didn't expect you to flee back to the Kunlun Mountains, lurking at the bottom of the Weishui River in an attempt to escape the disaster.". Little did they know that the people of the Bluebird Clan had sinned so much that they did not seek to escape from the body and ascend. Once Xiuzhen crossed the plunder, he would die under the triple punishment of heaven. "I know," said the moon with a hard gasp. But I have to.. The second thunder is coming. Please give me back the inner alchemy first. Cang Wu said coldly, "How about handing over the innate Xuanji hidden in your body, and I'll give you back the inner alchemy and let you go through the robbery by yourself?" The Moon Mirage shook her head and said, "For so many years, Congenital Xuanji has been assimilated with my original spirit. If I hand over Congenital Xuanji, both spirit and form will be destroyed immediately. The disaster is imminent. My efforts for hundreds of years are hanging by a thread. Please help me." Ziluo saw the mirage of the moon, his face bathed in blood, and he was still pleading with the enemy. He could not bear it, so he stood up and said, "You are Prince Jinwu in vain, but you are taking advantage of the danger of others like this. Don't you feel ashamed?" Cang Wu snorted coldly, "This congenital Xuanji was originally the yuan Dan of the roaring cloud smoke beast I domesticated. Later, by chance, the cloud smoke beast escaped from the lower world and was captured by a human in Langfeng Valley.". In order to seek longevity and strength, this man did not hesitate to forcibly merge with the cloud and smoke beast and become a half-beast and half-human monster. Thirty years ago, I killed this monster and cut my heart to find Xuanji. I didn't expect that this bluebird woman had been peeping around and took the opportunity to steal and escape. It was not easy for me to find out where she was and force her to hand over Xuanji, but what shame is there to return it to its original owner? Zi Luo's face turned pale again. "Is the half-orc you killed called Fei Chen?" "Don't ask," she said with a wry smile. "He's the one who killed your father, Fei Chen." "Is it your father?" Cang Wu glanced at Zi Luo and said with a sneer, "What a coincidence.". Do you want to avenge your father's murder? Ziluo was stunned. He shook his head and said, "No, I hate him.". ” Cang Wu looked at her and was about to say something. The earth suddenly trembled, a loud noise in the sky, a huge thunder and fire, like the collapse of mountains, straight down! The moon let out a desperate cry and closed her eyes. Cang Wu frowned and suddenly threw a golden flame from the bottom of his sleeve. The flame saw the wind and grew, and in an instant it was the size of a hill, and it went up to the second line of thunder. There was a loud noise, and the whole world seemed to be cracked open, showing blood-red scars. And the two groups of thunder and fire held each other for a long time between heaven and earth, expanding a huge red cloud, covering half of the sky. Thunder bursts in the red clouds, countless golden light, pearl light, glass light scattered like fallen flowers, beautiful and amazing. Holding the formula in his hand, Cang Wu urged the golden thunder to contend with the dark thunder in the sky. "I didn't mean to embarrass you," he said to the moon. "I want this innate Xuanji to save a person, a person I love. In order to save her, I have been waiting for five hundred years, even if I suffer more and kill more people, I will not hesitate. Ziluo looked at him in surprise and suddenly remembered the words of Yunlou: Five hundred years ago, Cangwu and the goddess of the shadow of the moon had met. He came both for the goddess of the shadow of the moon and to save the woman he loved. Could it be that he was talking about the same person? Cang Wu looked up at the distant sky. The golden wings behind him were dancing in the clouds. He could not calm down for a long time. He added, "These seeds of thunder were picked from the Thunder Cave by the people of Liuzhi. After decades of refining, they were able to compete with the thunder for a moment.". I do this to give you a chance, if you are unrepentant, when the seeds of thunder are exhausted, you will immediately hit the top of the thunder, turn to ashes, and never be born. If you hand over Xuanji,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, I can give you a chance to turn around. "My life and death are all in your hands," said the moon in a mournful voice. "I beg you to do good deeds to the end and help me survive.." Cang Wu's face sank. "Insatiable greed." With a wave of his hand, he was about to remove the thunder seeds.