Independence Day Study Program

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After missing the emotional traces of Xuanhe's eyes on this day, Xie Cheng never found a chance to talk to him about it.

As he spoke, he reached the bottom of the old street. Xie Cheng was going back to Xuanjia Lane. Seeing that he had not changed his way, he asked casually, "Do you live nearby?" "Yes, my family is close to Luohua Old Primary School." Xi Kede sighed with amusement and took out his cell phone to signal him to input the number. "I'm still a relative of a family in your courtyard. Your brother may know me.". You usually study too hard. I guess you don't know people who are a little farther away. This is the truth, Xie Cheng really does not pay much attention to the outside world, out of Xuanjia Lane and the class did not know anyone. After a pause of two seconds, he took Xi's cell phone and entered his own number. Xi Kede took the cell phone he handed back: "I'll text you later." Xie Cheng nodded: "Goodbye." During the break at Xirong Middle School, Zhou Yu was chatting with the front desk about a new game. Just as he was talking about it, his mobile phone suddenly vibrated. He took it out and took a look. He immediately kicked his foot on the ground and moved away from the others. At the same time, he glanced at the other end of the corridor to confirm that there was no old class. Then he leaned against the corner and picked up the phone. He whispered, "Hello," and said, "What's wrong?" Xie Cheng got through the phone and remembered that they had not had a holiday yet. He said, "I have nothing to do. Are you going to class?"? I forgot. I'll hang up if I have to go to class. "Do you miss me?" Zhou said with a smile. When the other end of the phone was silent, Zhou Yu waited with a smile and finally said, "I miss you, uncle." "Shit!" Zhou said in a threatening way, "say or not?"? Don't say beat you to death! Xie Cheng: Get out! Go to your class! It's not certain who will be beaten to death! As soon as the preparatory bell rang, Zhou looked around, said "mua" to the phone,aluminium tile trim profiles, and then hung up the phone on the tail of the bell, describing the possible expression on Xie Cheng's face in his heart. Seeing this, my deskmate teased me, "Oh, who am I calling?" Zhou Shuoyu suppressed the mood of showing off and answered coldly: "My baby." My deskmate said curiously, "***, your girlfriend?"? Does it look good? Zhou Shuoyu took one look at him, folded his arms,china tile trim, frowned and said, "How can you just use a good-looking description?"? It's a little too superficial. Several girls eavesdropping nearby sighed, some took mobile phones, some tore draft paper, and after a class, the news that Zhou Yu had a girlfriend spread among the girls who were interested in him. The client, Zhou, knows nothing about this. He is trying to see the face of his baby from a v-t image. After a while, he said to himself, "It's not beautiful, it's very beautiful." At this time of Xuanjia Lane, Xie Cheng hung up the phone, meditating that Zhou Shuoyu really had magic power, and then completely threw Xi Kede out of the sky. He opened his own cabinet to clean up Geng Chuan's letter to Xuanhe, and unconsciously saved a lot, stainless steel edging strip ,stainless steel edge trim, holding in his arms can feel the weight. Finally picked up the envelope with the card, Xie Cheng hesitated for a long time, and finally pretended to be casual and stuffed the letter in order. This may bring unpleasant pressure to Xuanhe, but he really can't bear to let him cover up all the good things about Geng Chuan. Besides, Xuan Fangling and Xuan He have been calculating all kinds of accounts, I am afraid sooner or later to know, it is better to take this opportunity to confess. After dinner in the evening, Xie Cheng went into the kitchen and said, "Brother, I put all the letters on the table in your room." Xuanhe took the dishes in the water, the hand is still steady, just answered a "good". Xie Cheng dawdled in the kitchen for a while and finally went out in silence. It was a sunny night, and the lights in Xuanhe House were on all night, almost at dawn before they went out. Xie Cheng rarely got up early in the morning. The factory was preparing to brew new wine. Xuan Fangling and Xie Shu were going to Linzhen to harvest sorghum. He had to go to see the shop. Xuan Mai wanted to go with Xuan Fangling and got up early. Seeing that there was no movement in Xuanhe's room, she asked in surprise, "Why did my brother sleep late today?" Xuan Fangling motioned for her to whisper: "My brother is too tired at ordinary times. Let him sleep if he can sleep today." The aunt and nephew finished their breakfast and left. Xie Cheng tidied up the kitchen and went upstairs to have a look. The curtains in the Xuanhe room were still drawn, and it was so quiet that no one seemed to live there. He knew that Xuanhe did not necessarily want to see people now, and finally went out without waiting for him to get up. In the afternoon, Xie Cheng was struggling with the last question of a compound function, and Xuanhe went to the shop. What did you have for lunch? Xuanhe asked. Xie Cheng immediately drew his mind from the question and looked up at him. Xuanhe's face was calm, only the end of his eyes was red, so he set off a little pale on his face, and he didn't know whether it was because he stayed up late or something else. But his eyes are beautiful, the end of the eye is slightly upturned, and the red looks like it was carefully painted. What's the matter? My face is blurred? Despite not on the line of sight, Xuanhe still knew that Xie Cheng was observing himself, and he asked gently as before. Xie Cheng thought for a moment and said, "Brother, you.." "I found a math problem set for you last night." Xuanhe interrupted him and handed over a notebook. "It's the wrong problem book that I summarized in the next issue of Senior Three. There are not many types of questions. It's listed for my own learning situation. You can see if it's useful." Xie Cheng took the book, not knowing what to say next. Xuanhe acted as if yesterday's everything did not exist, so he was not sure whether he could ask, and finally saw that Xuanhe did not mean to continue the conversation, he had to turn to the paper. After missing the emotional traces of Xuanhe's eyes on this day, Xie Cheng never found a chance to talk to him about it. A few days after the beginning of the third year of high school, Xuanhe returned to school, followed by the beginning of the first year of Xuanmai, and the family quieted down again. On the second day of school, Xie Cheng received a package sent by Zhou Shuoyu, which contained the knowledge points summarized by their teachers and several sets of questions set by the school itself. A piece of scrip was attached after the question: "Do it quickly, and copy the answer for me after finishing it!" This sentence is like a reassuring pill, Xie Cheng suddenly felt that Zhou Yu seemed to be around, in a sunny mood, even the English he did not like became pleasing to the eye. In the twinkling of an eye, at the end of October, the autumn air was crisp, and the Adult Day of No.1 Middle School was held on time. Speaking of it, it was still the time that they changed. Sleepily waiting for the leader to talk about one two three below one two three,aluminum tile edge trim, Xie Cheng felt that the ceremony was extremely boring, but when the white pigeon and balloon rose into the sky together, there was still a kind of blood boiling excitement in his chest.