Call History now displays live information

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Call History now displays live information


While it was in beta for some time, Google has just launched their long-awaited Call History feature (Google my Business) to Google my Business. This incredibly handy feature provides business owners with complete information about the number of people who call your business and gives you the option to view an individual contact's history, and then call them back directly without the need to use the use of a specific tool for tracking calls.


How does it work

You are looking for a Marketing Company to help with local search engine optimization. You do a quick lookup on your mobile, and then you press the "CALL" button on Dot The i Creative's business profile. Since DTi is a call forwarding company enabled within our Google My Business account, the information from calls will be tracked and shown on the "Calls" tab on our profile. The "Calls" tab lets you to easily find recent calls, track missed calls, and more.


How do I find out which calls are from my GMB list and which aren't?

Customers will be able to connect with your company using a forwarding number rather than the one on your profile. A second automated message will be displayed which reads, "Call From Google".


How long are the call history data saved for?

Once you have activated the feature for getguestpost call history, call data is stored for 45 days within the "Calls" tab. Call history currently only tracks text messages, not phone calls.


It is why we love it so much.

Being able to assign leads to call tracking can allow you to quickly assess the results of your local SEO efforts. In addition, it will help you measure the effectiveness of your local SEO efforts. ....

You can ask for a Google reviews from a client who calls you and tells you how great the experience was.

Being aware that the call came through Google My Business and being capable of matching the phone number to the customer can help you get more insight into the quality of leads that come through and better track the overall return on investment.

Call tracking is a great way to track missed calls as well as possible listing errors. If the hours for opening are wrong or unclear, and you are getting Get Guest Post a ton of calls after business hours, you'll be able to pinpoint the cause faster by using the call history information.


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The management of the management Website of your Google My Business listing can be time-consuming and take away from your daily routine. DTi is the best partner for you. Our professionals are well-educated, up-to-date, and can perform all the heavy lifting to keep your company ahead of the pack and in front your customers.